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Rewards Program

Just Bumm Rewards Program. Login and get rewards up to INR 90.

This rewards program is powered by Beans

Introducing Just Bumm Rewards Program. Get Justs (reward points) for every Rupee spent in buying Just Bumm Products! Join our Purple Squad and redeem upto INR 90 on your first purchase!

Here’s what you get!

Register – Register on our Website HERE  and get 5000 Justs worth INR 50 as a welcome gift. This can be redeemed for your first purchase at checkout.

Loyalty – Every single Rupee counts and here you go! For every Rupee spent on our website, you get 5 Justs.

Facebook Page Like – Like Our Facebook page HERE and get 1500 Justs worth INR 15. This can be done by clicking the Connect through Facebook button in the login/register page on our website.

Facebook Group – Join our Facebook group HERE  and get 1000 Justs worth INR 10. Join our group and text us on WhatsApp with your details to get the Justs.

Instagram Follow – Follow us on Instagram HERE  and get 1500 Justs worth INR 15. Follow us and text us on WhatsApp with your details to get the Justs.

Review – Review us and get 5000 Justs worth INR 50 for each review.

Cart Booster – Get 2 times as many Justs when you spend INR 2700 or above on our website that is you get to redeem INR 500 for your next purchase.

Expiration – All your Justs will expire after 200 days.

Terms and Conditions

  • Just Bumm does not encourage fraudulent activities which includes creating multiple accounts and ordering in order to get Justs/reward points.
  • Just Bumm has all the rights to delete and ban such users from the rewards program.
  • Justs cannot be credited back for canceled orders. Once redeemed, the reward points will not be given back.
  • Justs are not credited for purchases made on third-party websites or physical stores.
  • You can get Justs for a maximum of 2 genuine reviews on each platform. Anything more than that is welcomed but is overlooked as spam by new/other users.

Once expired, Justs cannot be credited back.

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