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Read Reviews about Just Bumm Cloth Diapers. These reviews are verified and posted only by genuine customers who use our cloth diapers. Parents have posted reviews based on their personal experience with our Cloth Diapers. So the product performance may or may not vary for your baby. However, for most babies, our Cloth Diapers perform the same as mentioned in the product description.

The Reviews you find here are not bought using external parties. We have not bought or paid for user reviews as it may confuse the parents and is not a best practice. You can rest assured as these reviews are true and based on real time user experience of our Cloth Diapers.

Based on 229 reviews

Very soft and comfortable cotton material…Nice product

Best alternatives to one time diapers

We have been using justbumm's diaper since our baby was born. Its our third purchase. We have slowly moved to just bumm all day, and it's super comfortable to clean as well.

Dream Diaper - Tawny Scrawny
Namitha Susan Joseph
Dreamy Diapers

I bought dreamy diapers and It was so good for my baby. No leakage and excellent absorption capacity. We can use this diaper at night times more. Great design and super soft material. Loved this❤️

Dream Diaper - Enchanted Woods
Namitha Susan Joseph
Dreamy diaper

I bought dreamy diapers and It was so good for my baby. No leakage and excellent absorption capacity. We can use this diaper at night times more. Great design and super soft material. Loved this❤️

Booster pad

Lasts whole night when paired with aurora prefold..

Aurora max diaper

Very soft and serves the purpose..prefold dries faster than normal inserts..

Booster - Pack of 3
Madhuri Rani
Multi purpose

I specifically both them to use in nappies to increase absorbency.. best purchase

Good absorption

Very nice diapers. It lasts overnight no wet feel. Really good.

1 Dream + 1 Aurora Pocket
Muthumani Pandiyan

Super soft nd comfortable..


Great design and quality.
Size is comfortable for baby.
Overall experience is good with justbumm cloth diaper

4 Newborn Shell Diapers
Malathy Jayaram

Work well
it's so useful
Thank u Just bumm

Sabitha Devaraj
Dream diaper

My first cloth diaper purchase is from just bumm. Baby is super comfortable. Dry feel layer in booster is really helping baby to sleepwell without any wet feel overnight. Worth buying 💯

The best one!

2 Dream Diapers Combo
Sukanyaa S

Been using it for sometime
Now... worth the money no leakage washing also easy .. though drying takes time in windy and rainy seasons( expected though)
But loved the cloth bags covers before ( which were ecofriemdly) compared with the paper boxes now

Good quality

Saving me 🤘It will be like new, after cleaning.good quality

Good..nice colour and good quality. Thank you just bumm for helping me as a new mother.

Nice prefold.i am just loving each thing of just bumm

I am using it for the night time… it is a sleep saver

2 Newborn Shell Diapers
Pooja Ankit panchal

It's an amazing product.... material quality is very much good.

Super product... Most comfortable for kids, must try product...

Feel Good experience

Using this first time for my newborn. This seems to be comfortable. Thank you for helping me out with this product. Will order more soon!

Shape and design is perfect

Super comfortable

Favorite diaper

This diaper is my favorite for daytime , baby moves around very comfortably wearing it

Best diaper of all time

Its super comfy soft and my baby gets the beat sleep with no wetness.
Happy mom

Dream diapers

Awesome is one word I would use.The perfect solution to cloth diapering i was looking for... fits perfectly there s no leakage if you lock it properly... very satisfied and would recommend to near and dear... but there are not much options in choosing Wat colour and prints we want in combo packs.. that can be rectified ..