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Read Reviews about Just Bumm Cloth Diapers. These reviews are verified and posted only by genuine customers who use our cloth diapers. Parents have posted reviews based on their personal experience with our Cloth Diapers. So the product performance may or may not vary for your baby. However, for most babies, our Cloth Diapers perform the same as mentioned in the product description.

The Reviews you find here are not bought using external parties. We have not bought or paid for user reviews as it may confuse the parents and is not a best practice. You can rest assured as these reviews are true and based on real time user experience of our Cloth Diapers.

Based on 155 reviews
Super cute and soft fluffies

Works best for diaper free time. Holds 2 pees for heavy wetter baby. Loved it

Awesome 12 hour pee hold night diaper!

Just loved it.
It is not bulky. Soaks 12 hours of pee. My baby is heavy wetter still works best!
Soft inner pads and booster pads.

Yes they take bit more time to dry but acceptable 🙂

2 Newborn Shell Diapers
Akshatha Sathyanarayana
Not bulky and doesn't stink when it is full

I use these diapers for 1 hour on my boy. He is a heavy wetter. For a normal baby it will easily come for two hours. Best thing is at the time of changing other cloth diapers did not have a waterproof outer layer so it used to start stinking soon. This diapers don't stink even when they are full.

They are not bulky diapers which is good


Very nice and comfortable for my son

Finally not a bulky diaper

I am in love with this shell diapers for my new born. I hate using the use and throw diapers so hence was on mission to find a good cloth one. I have tried many and finally settled with shell.

This diaper lasts for 3 to 4 hours on my one month old heavy wetter. Easy to wash. Not at all bulky. Absolutely 0 leakage

The Best diaper free time nappy!

Fluffie is one time investment for tension free "diaper free time" for the munchkins..
Very soft with super cute prints, the velcro closure is so soft. Its good to hold one pee or poo without any mess. Fluffie is well made and very thoughtfully designed.

1 Dream + 1 Aurora Pocket
renuka patwardhan
very good

Am satisfied

Stay dry liner

Its too good nd easy to clean


It's good

Worth the penny

Idea of this product is too good , it's designed in such a way its easy for the baby & as well as the parent to go with the cloth diapers

4 Newborn Shell Diapers
Sabari Nivetha
Worth the penny

This is the fourth brand I'm trying out for cloth diapers, fortunately this seems to be the best and user friendly one !inner pad material is too good washing process is really easy and it is breathable doens't leave any rashes on babies bump! Totally a good experience with the team & the product

Awesome 👌

VerySoft and no leakage

Happy Bumm☺️

Loved this product for my two months old baby.. she can finally sleep all night through without hving any rashes the next morning.. i would definitely buy more of their diapers as my baby grows.!☺️😍
N special mention to their customer service.! By mistake i placed an order for cover diaper instead of shell.. n realised after it arrived.. i called up the customer care and they helped out great n exchanged the product within a week.!! Really happy vth the service.. n i would recommend the moms to atleast try once any of their product.. yur baby is gonna love it.

Dream diaper

Amazing purchase, it kept my baby wetfree for whole night, best product so ordered for cover diaper too, thanku just bumm

They are amazing.. ❤️❤️

decent ones

my first cloth diaper....they are pretty reasonable...this newborn kit is handling 3-4hrs so shop according to that

My first trial with fluffie

Wonderful print and super soft on babies. Holds upto 2 pees for heavy wetters. Good for potty training as well. Velcro closure is so unique! Would love to buy again. Great for diaper free time. Feels very light. Thanks for other mommies who suggest to use with inserts. Would try that.

Fabulous purple love 💜

Product was super cool and comfortable last for over night 🌃☺️.. soft and dry feel and me my little one just loved it...


Inside material so soft

1 Dream + 1 Aurora Pocket
Sindhu Ayyappan

They are very soft. I really loved them. My son is a very heavy wetter so need to buy the hemp. Otherwise completely satisfied.

Fluffie ! the stylish super nappy

Using it in day time for my 9 month old baby during his paly time and meal time. It is soft, lite weighted, cute , mess free.....iam using it for more than one month. It takes time to dry in rainy season (may be whole night after giving a spin cycle in machine). It doesnt leave any stains. I feel like he is more comfortable with fluffie than a usual cloth diaper .i never wanted to make him feel bulkier.iam also using it with an insert for extra absorbancy. Easy to use no struggles betwn me and my little one to put it ,In love with fluffie .Customer service is also good

Great choice

Fluffie makes daytime so comfie. Daytime naps gets undisturbed due to fluffie. Cloth absorbency gets better for every wash. I would definitely recommend this. Thank you.

Thank you justbumm I bought a dream diaper for my baby I liked it more

Awesome product

This diaper serves the purpose as named... It stays for whole night and baby is having undisturbed sleep. I love it❤️ no diaper rashes and red line on sides too.... What else we need..! Just wow👌 I highly recommend this dream diaper if you are looking for whole night usage