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Referral Program

Purple Us? Invite Your Friends To Join Us!

GIVE 100 GET 100

         Welcome your friends to Just Bumm with a Purple Gift! Refer a friend by sending them a Gift Voucher worth INR 100. For every purchase made using your referral link, you get a Discount Voucher worth INR 100 on our Just Bumm store.

This is How you do it


Login to your Just Bumm Account from the Referral Page or Register to the Referral Program using the link below as shown in the picture


Copy the link from the Referral Program Page and Invite your friends with the link. Or share the link on your Facebook or Twitter profile.


Each time a purchase is made with your link, you will get a Discount Voucher worth INR 100 on Your Rewards tab.

You can even keep tabs on who made a purcase from Your Friends tab.

T&C apply

Only one purchase can be made using the same referral link.

The Minimum Order value is INR 500.

Justs (reward points) cannot be redeemed with this coupon code.

Only one Discount code can be used for a single purchase.

Please refrain from creating multiple accounts to make use of this. Once found, the user will be deleted and banned from the site.

This referral program is powered by Beans

Have a Purple Parenting! 💜