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How to Wash Cloth Diapers?

Wash Before Use

Wipes – Pack of 3 (Hive Five, Monstropolis, Prickles)



Size: 8×8 Inches.

Layers: 2 layers.

Material: GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton.

Printed: Yes.

Usage: Multi Purpose.

Reusable: Yes.

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How to Wash


Why Cloth Wipes are better?

Did you know these wipes marketed as disposable, flushable, degradable are not true at all? These disposable wipes have much more adverse effects on the environment than the disposable diapers. Flushing them down can cause Fatbergs damaging your sewers. Eventually these reach the ocean and kill the marine animals. It has been observed that there is a 400% increase in disposable wipes along the coastline over the past decade (The Marine Conservation Society).

Cloth Wipes are better in every way – for baby’s skin, for earth and for ocean animals. Cloth Wipes are also free of chemicals and do not cause rashes. You need not make any wipe solutions to clean the baby’s diaper area during diaper changes. Just wet the Cloth wipes in water and clean the diaper area. Pat it dry with a dry cloth wipes.

This way, you can save more than 80% than spending on Disposable wipes. You can wash and reuse the Cloth Wipes any number of times. Just Bumm Cloth Wipes are made of 2 layers of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. It is completely organic, chemical free and soft on baby’s skin. These Multi Purpose Cloth Wipes can be used as face wipes, mouth wipes too.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ratisha Menezes
Nice wash cloths

Nice wash cloths

Janani Surendran
Super soft wipes

Very soft wipes , quality of the material was too good

Manju Shree
Super soft wipes

Wipes are very soft and loved it

Jeyanthi Kumar
Amazing Products!

Wish i could buy these for myself! Actually stole my son's as it was super cute and super friendly to the skin! keep doing the great work JustBumm!! <3