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How to Wash Cloth Diapers?

Wash Before Use

Stay-dry Liners – Pack of 5


Make changing simple and less fussy with Just Bumm Stay-dry liners. Provides dry feel for the babies and is easy to knock off poop. Stain-free and strain-free.

Dimension: 35×16 cms (+/- 1 cm)


Size: All

Absorbency: No

Compatibility: All Types

Material: Microfleece.

Layers: 1 layer.

Dry feel: Yes.

Prep: One Wash Prep

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How to Wash


What is a Diaper Liner?

Diaper liners are used to provide dry feel to the baby. It is a Single Layered Microfleece Fabric that acts as an one-way conductor. It does not have absorbency.

How does it work?

Diaper liners provide dry feel to the baby and makes poop cleaning easier as it does not leave any stain. It allows the pee to pass through it and the top side remains dry. Even with compression, it does not flow back so the dry feel is genuine. It is recommended to use diaper liners when using rash creams, moisturizers and oils. Otherwise it will affect the absorbency if the diapers.

When to use these?

Diaper liners/dry feel liners should be used along with any non dry feel pads and diapers. It should be used with Newborn or Free Size Cover Diapers, and Fluffie – Only if used with an Insert. You can also use the liners for extra protection and easy cleaning of poop.

How to Use these?

Take one liner, after attaching the absorbent pads to the outer cover, place the liner on top of the pad. The Furry side of the liner should touch the baby’s skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Booster pad

Lasts whole night when paired with aurora prefold..

Madhuri Rani
Multi purpose

I specifically both them to use in nappies to increase absorbency.. best purchase

Shana Am
Good quality

Saving me 🤘It will be like new, after cleaning.good quality

Shana Am

Nice prefold.i am just loving each thing of just bumm

Divyashree Ashwath
Worth buy

I bought it to use with fluffie and it worked .. thank you just bumm