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Fluffie – Pack Of 3 (FlyHigh, dinoRawr!, Fruit Cascade)


India’s 1st & Only One Size Organic Cotton Nappy for Diaper free time. Made of 6 layers of 100% Organic Cotton. Washable & Reusable Cotton Nappies with Velcro Closure for easy use. Gentle Elastics at the hip and legs for mess free and convenient diaper free time.


Size: Free Size 3 Months – 3 Years (5 kgs – 17 Kgs)

Waterproof: No

Dry Feel: No

Absorbency: One or Two Pees

Usage: Daytime; Diaper Free time; Potty Training

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Features – Watch Tutorial here

Just Bumm Fluffie is India’s 1st & Only One Size Organic Cotton Nappy for Diaper Free Time. Made of 100% Organic Cotton with 6 layers that can hold one or two pees depending on your baby’s age and wetting pattern. Velcro Closure for easy use and Gentle Elastics at the hip and legs for mess free and convenient diaper free time. Its not a normal velcro but the baby soft one that is never harsh on your baby’s skin. The Organic Cotton nappy that grows with your baby which means it fits from 5 kgs till 17 kgs! Use Snap buttons for Size adjustment.

Easy & Mess free

Fluffie is the Only Organic Cotton Nappy that is made of GOTS Certified Cotton and dyes. Chemical Free and rash free making it a perfect diaper free time mate for your babies. Regular cotton nappies do not contain mess and you would have to struggle with the tie ups and strings. Fluffie on the other hand takes only less than a minute to wear. Hassle free and time saving! Its not only a baby friendly wear but also laundry friendly. You can use Laundry tabs for easy wash unlike tie-up langots that gets tangled during the wash.

Multi Purpose

Fluffie is also the only Organic Cotton Nappy that can be used with an insert for Diaper free time, massage time, meal time as well as playtime. Soft and trim like an underwear yet no leaks and mess. Must have Organic Cotton Essential in your baby stash. Instead of buying different sizes every three months, bring home just the awesome Organic Cotton Nappy – Fluffie that is light both on your babies & your pockets!

Is Diaper free time necessary for babies? How and when should I do it? Click here to read our blogpost for more insights into diaper free time and learn why Fluffie is the best the most sought after organic cotton nappy by most parents and mommies.

Watch Tutorial

What is Just Bumm Fluffie? Watch the video tutorial to know the product!What is Just Bumm Fluffie? - Know your product

How to Size and Wear Just Bumm Fluffie?

How to Size and Wear Just Bumm Fluffie?
How to add Absorbency and Don’ts with Fluffie

How to add absorbency to Just Bumm Fluffie?

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Loved it!

1st one was a ordered the 2nd set which is on its way!

Great product for day time usage

It's a comfy product for your baby when you dont want to burden them with a diaper with fleece lining or heavy inserts. Velcro is really soft. Absorpency would of course depend on the baby's pee pattern. Can use extra lining if needed. Prints are really attractive too.

Super cute and comfy

Really good product with attractive prints. You feel like making the baby wear it just to enjoy the look. Comfort wise also it a good product and the velcro is super soft. Features like laundry tab and resizing snaps are very useful. Pee absorption can be increased but using some cloth material inside. Overall a really good product for diaper free time.

Nagalakshmi S
Most favorite diaper

I started my CD journey with justbumm newborn starter kit. Now I am a full time CD mom even during traveling. Justbumm gives me confidence to do CD. I have been waited for a long time to try fluffie and here is my review after using it for 1.5 months. They are my favorite day time diapers. With added absorbency, it will last for 2-4 hours. You can even use it as a night time fitted diaper with justbumm cover over it. Amazing for heavy wetters. In simple words, justbumm fluffie has multiple uses and truly versatile 😍 please introduce more prints and I love to buy them all😍

Nagalakshmi S
Best ever daytime diaper

I just waited for my baby to gain weight to try fluffie. I really liked the concept. It's more like fitted diaper. If you add Absorbency, it will work great for 2-4 hours. I really loved it and I have all 6 prints. Justbumm is one of my favorite brand. I couldn't stop myself purchasing again and again. 😍