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Size Chart for Newborn Size Diapers

Handle the Hook with Care

How to Use Newborn Size Cover Diapers?

Stay-dry Liner is Required

How to Wash Cloth Diapers?

Wash Before Use

Just Bon Cover Diaper – CREEPY CRAWLIES



Size: Newborn Size 0-6 Months

Waterproof: Yes

Dry Feel: Stay-dry liner is recommended.

Absorbency: 5-6 Hours (May Vary)

Usage: Daytime

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Size Chart How to Use How to Wash


Just Bumm Newborn Cover Diapers – Watch Tutorial Here

  • Newborn Size Cover diapers are waterproof and reusable cloth diapers with. It comes with 3x3x3 layers of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton prefold. The Cover Diaper can last for 5-6 hours. Add booster along with the prefold to increase the absorbency for nap time.
  • Size: Newborn Cover diaper fits babies from 2.5 kgs – 7 kgs. Adjust the rise snaps and hook & loop fastening according to your baby’s weight.
  • Laundry Tabs: Laundry tabs keep away lint and dirt from spoiling the hook’s performance. Just close the hook with the tabs provided and put them to wash.

Supple and gentle elastics:

  • Our gentle elastics does not cause any marks on your baby’s skin and allows ample movements for even the most active babies. The Elastics do not roll back and do not cause impressions on the baby’s skin.
  • The Cover diapers have baby soft hook and loop closure which is soft to touch. It does not harm, poke or hurt the baby. The Outer cover does not have dry feel. You can reuse the outer cover with another prefold without washing. This should be done only if the baby has not pooped. Wipe or air dry the outer cover and use it with a fresh prefold. If baby has pooped, do not reuse without washing. Waterproof outer layer, made of laminated fabric, prevents leaks onto beds, mattresses and baby cloths.
  • Contains one GOTS certified organic cotton prefold that is attachable. It has 3x3x3 layers of organic cotton and a dry feel layer on one panel. You can either use the dry feel top or the cotton top. Use Stay-dry liner on top for easy cleaning of poop & dry feel. Liners prevent poop stains and provides dry feel for the baby.
  • You can grab extra Prefolds here to use with the cover diaper. Grab Newborn Cover Diaper Combo Pack here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Amazing product

These diapers does their job perfectly and the absorbency is really good,
I really liked this product and its a super relief for new moms like me..
Thank you Just Bumm😍

Vaishnavi Balaji
Positive experience

I am a first time CD user. Was wondering how would it go. But then having a good experience with CD for my new born. It has given me the confidence to continue using CD. The product is very good and support these guys are giving for any queries asked is amazing. Keep going

Akshatha Sathyanarayana
Not bulky and doesn't stink when it is full

I use these diapers for 1 hour on my boy. He is a heavy wetter. For a normal baby it will easily come for two hours. Best thing is at the time of changing other cloth diapers did not have a waterproof outer layer so it used to start stinking soon. This diapers don't stink even when they are full.

They are not bulky diapers which is good

Finally not a bulky diaper

I am in love with this shell diapers for my new born. I hate using the use and throw diapers so hence was on mission to find a good cloth one. I have tried many and finally settled with shell.

This diaper lasts for 3 to 4 hours on my one month old heavy wetter. Easy to wash. Not at all bulky. Absolutely 0 leakage

Sabari Nivetha
Worth the penny

Idea of this product is too good , it's designed in such a way its easy for the baby & as well as the parent to go with the cloth diapers