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How to Wash Cloth Diapers?

Wash Before Use

Aurora Prefold – Pack of 2



Size: Free Size (5 kgs -17 Kgs)

Absorbency: 3-4 Hours (May Vary)

Compatibility: Aurora Cover, Aurora Pocket, Dream Diapers

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Layers: 12 (4x4x4) Layers.

Dry feel: Yes.

Prep: One Wash Prep

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Purchase this item and get 2476 Justs - a worth of 24.76
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How to Wash



  • Aurora Prefold pad is made of GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton. It is a foldable type soaker. You can fold it while using and open it for quick drying after washing.
  • It has 12 layers (4x4x4) of Organic Cotton with Stay-dry layer on the right most panel. Fold the left panel over the center panel and then Right Panel over the top. Make sure the dry feel panel touches your baby’s skin.
  • Aurora Prefold is compatible with all Free Size Diapers – Aurora Cover Diapers, Aurora Pocket Diapers, and Dream Diapers
  • It can last for 3-4 hours for medium wetters. For Nap time usage, you can add booster along with the prefold pad. Place the booster in the center panel and then fold the prefold.
  • Aurora Prefold pad is free of Chemicals and does not cause rashes. It is safe to go against baby’s skin.
  • It has snap button on the back side to attach to the Outer Cover and secure it in place.
  • Suitable for 5-17 Kgs babies. The Absorbency may vary according to baby’s wetting pattern.

Wash Care:

  • Once the Prefold is fully wet, remove it and then store it in a open dry pail or basket till washing. Do not rinse.
  • Rinse only if the baby has pooped in it. After baby has pooped, remove the prefold, dump the solid(poop) into the toilet, rinse under tap water. Squeeze out the extra water and then store it as such.
  • Do not wash with liquid detergent, soaps and fabric softeners. The Absorbency may be affected and reduced.
  • You should not iron the Prefold. Washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
  • Prewash and Main Wash in detergent powder is mandatory to remove all dirt. Otherwise Buildup may occur.
  • Sundry the pads until its dry enough and then move to shade. You should not move it to shade too early.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Geetha Priya
Amazing purchase is an understatement

I'm a frequent buyer of Just Bumm because I admire the quality of their products. Likewise the prefold is a great addition to my Just Bumm lot. The absorption power is great also the drying time is sooner. Very useful for CD..

Rosmi Manu
Good insert

Nice product,,,easy to wash and dries very quickly,,,and good absorbency,,,

Best prefold

Very soft and comfortable. Just bumm inserts, flats and prefolds are soft yet great at absorbing. This prefold lasts for 3-5 hours during day and works overnight. For heavy wetter and older babies, will work great with booster

Karthikeyan P
Easy to dry

We liked the foldable design as it dries faster and has same capacity as the insert

Manju Shree

Prefolds are little bulky but with good absorption, lasts for 2-3 hrs for my heavy wetter child