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How to use Aurora Max Diapers

Suitable for both day and night

How to Use Free Size Prefold

Use Booster for Nap time

How to Choose the Right Freesize Cloth Diaper - Just Bumm

Contact WhatsApp Team for Assistance

How to Size Free Size Diapers

Cross Snap the buttons for a more snug fit

How to Wash Cloth Diapers?

Wash Before Use

Aurora Max Diapers – Lovin Posh



Size: Free Size (3 months – 3 Years)

Waterproof: Yes

Usage: Both Day and Night

Absorbency: Varies depending on baby’s wetting pattern

Dry feel: Yes

Layers: 12 Layers Organic Cotton with dry feel.

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How to Use How to Use How to Choose Size Chart How to Wash


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Aurora Max Cloth Diapers are waterproof.

Yes. These cloth diapers have complete dry feel. It provides protection against wetness.

Aurora Max cloth diapers lasts for 3-4 hours during daytime. For Nighttime usage, add Booster for 9-12 hours absorbency.

Yes. Aurora Max diapers are suitable for nighttime. Use along with a booster pad for long hours usage at night. These are perfect travel friendly cloth diapers.

Aurora Max Diaper – Features

  • Size: Aurora Max diaper is Free size cloth diaper and fits babies from 5-17 Kgs. It is an AI2 diaper which means the prefold can be attached and detached.
  • Cross snap system: Tight at thighs and loose at hips? Our cross snap system solves this mess and gives a more perfect snug fit. It fits all babies from svelte to roly-poly, pudgy thighs and trim waist.
  • Tuck-easy broader pocket: The pocket opening is broad enough so that you could easily tuck in an insert. It also helps with adjusting the folded up parts of the insert inside the pocket and is not bulky. You can stuff even the bulkiest combo easily inside the pocket diaper.
  • Wider elastic for a perfect fit: Smaller and tighter elastics roll up and cause leaks. It also leaves elastic marks. To avoid that we have designed our diapers with a wider elastic at the hip to prevent leaks and rolling up.

Completely stay-dry:

  • Aurora Max diaper is completely stay-dry to improve the overall performance of the diaper. It has a stay-dry layer even on the wings to eliminate any wetness that can cause discomfort to the baby.
  • Waterproof outer layer prevents messy leaks onto surfaces like bed, mattresses or baby’s cloth.
  • Supple and gentle elastics: Our gentle elastics won’t leave any marks on the thighs or hips. The Elastic gives space for ample movement for even the most active babies.
  • Max Diaper Contains a 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton Prefold with 12 layers.  For most medium wetter babies, the diaper lasts for 3-4 hours during the day time. Use stay-dry liner on top for easy cleaning of poop. Compatible with all other soakers too.
  • You can use this diaper for both day and night! For nighttime, grab a booster for heavy wetters here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Best alternatives to one time diapers

We have been using justbumm's diaper since our baby was born. Its our third purchase. We have slowly moved to just bumm all day, and it's super comfortable to clean as well.

Namitha Susan Joseph
Dreamy Diapers

I bought dreamy diapers and It was so good for my baby. No leakage and excellent absorption capacity. We can use this diaper at night times more. Great design and super soft material. Loved this❤️

Namitha Susan Joseph
Dreamy diaper

I bought dreamy diapers and It was so good for my baby. No leakage and excellent absorption capacity. We can use this diaper at night times more. Great design and super soft material. Loved this❤️

Aurora max diaper

Very soft and serves the purpose..prefold dries faster than normal inserts..

Bharathiraja M
Good absorption

Very nice diapers. It lasts overnight no wet feel. Really good.

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