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How to Size Free Size Diapers

Cross Snap the buttons for a more snug fit

How to Use Aurora Cover Diapers

Stay-dry Liner is Required

How to Wash Cloth Diapers?

Wash Before Use

Aurora Cover Diaper – Amara



Size: Free Size

Waterproof: Yes

Dry Feel: Stay-dry liner is recommended.

Absorbency: 3-4 Hours

Usage: Daytime

Aurora Cover Diapers are economical daytime diapers. It fits babies from 5-17 Kgs. These diaper covers provide waterproofing over any non waterproof inserts, prefolds or flats. The Double leak guards at the tummy and hip provide extra leakproof protection. The Well sewn in bias provides a perfect leak free fit at the leg elastics. The Cross snapping system provides a neat snug fit to avoid leaks. The Outer Cover is also compatible with all types of Inserts.

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Size Chart How to Use How to Wash


Aurora Cover Diapers – Watch Video Tutorial

  • Size: Aurora cover diapers are Free Size cloth diapers and fits babies from 5-17 kgs.
  • Cross snap system: Tight at thighs and loose at hips? Our cross snap system solves this mess and gives a more perfect snug fit. It fits all babies from svelte to roly-poly, pudgy thighs and trim waist.
  • Wider elastic for a perfect fit: Smaller and tighter elastics do roll up and cause leaks. It also leaves elastic marks. To avoid that we have designed our diapers with a wider elastic at the hip to prevent leaks and rolling up.
  • Double leak guard at the hip and tummy panel keeps away moisture from the baby’s skin and will keep them cool and dry.
  • Waterproof wings: Our wings are also lined with waterproof layer to prevent discomforts and easy leaks.
  • Supple and gentle elastics: Our gentle elastics wont leave any marks on the thighs or hips and gives space for ample movement for even the most active babies.
  • Waterproof outer layer prevent leaks and mess spreading onto the surfaces like bed, sofa or baby’s dress.
  • Wash easy inner layer. If baby has not pooped, remove the prefold, wipe or air dry the outer cover. Reuse the outer cover with another prefold. If baby has pooped, do not reuse the outer cover without washing.
  • Contains 1 GOTS certified organic cotton prefold. It has 4X4X4 layers of organic cotton and one stay-dry layer on top of one side. Use it either with the cotton side on top or the stay-dry layer on top with the two way fold. For Most medium wetter babies, it lasts for 3-4 hours during the day. Use stay-dry liner on top for more comfort, convenience and easy poop cleaning.

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With Prefold, Without Prefold

Watch Tutorial

Learn How to Use Aurora Cover Diapers

Learn How to use Aurora Cover Diapers

Learn How to Size and Wear Free Size Diapers

How to Size and Wear Free Size Cloth Diapers

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Ratisha Menezes
The best cloth diapers

Look wise, quality wise and durability wise. Every tiny detail has been carefully crafted to give you the best cloth diaper experience. This brand was the first one I bought while I was pregnant. After that I've tried another famous brand. Which to my surprise didn't live up to my expectations. So I came back to Just Bumm because no other brand can bit it.

Geetha Priya
Amazing purchase is an understatement

I have been purchasing Just Bumm cloth diaper since my baby was a newborn. Now she's 7MO and I love the quality and absorption of the inserts

Heena Thakwani
The bestest Diaper so Far.

This diaper especially out of all of the other is so comfy soft and my little one loves being in them.

Bhavana Vivek

Very soft on baby's skin

Nihala Kp
Dream diaper

Very helpful and good quality