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Save up to 20% on Cloth Diapers

You are a new parent, new to reusable diapers, and overwhelmed by the types available. It is a given that you are confused about all this. Because Modern cloth diapers are still not known to many. You might have heard of it somewhere before yet you are not sure how it works. Although you read about Cloth Diapers on different sites, is the information true or correct? Most probably not. Some sites work on providing an idea of what cloth diapers are. Some others do it for promotion and many are based on personal experience.

This is exactly why you should try using Reusable Diapers to know how well it works for you. If you are not clear or can’t choose which diaper to buy after reading the description, you can contact our WhatsApp Chat Support.

Our Starter kits contain all types of reusable diapers that you need for your baby at up to 20% off. You can grab our starter kits, try all our Cloth Diapers and then know which type works out for you the most. You can invest in that type of cloth diaper further. The types that you didn’t like will eventually work out and don’t go to waste. If you are an expecting parent or have a newborn baby under 3 months, go for our Tickled Pink Newborn starter kit! If your baby is more than 3 months and 6 Kgs, go for our With Love Free Size Cloth Diaper Starter kit. These starter kits make a great gift option too!