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Dream Diapers

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Dream Diaper - Overnight Ultra Absorbent Cloth Diaper

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Dream Diapers – Exclusive Nighttime Cloth Diapers for A Goodnight’s Dream! Cloth Diapers for Nighttime should have high absorbency, dry feel for uninterrupted sleep. Snug fit for no leaks and inserts that absorb faster. Look no further and read on to know why it is Dream Diaper for Nighttime.

No more worrying about midnight leaks. Why? These Dream Diapers have cross snapping system so that you can adjust the fit. For Slim Waist & Big thighs or Big Waist & Slim Thighs. Cross snap the buttons so that there wont be any leaks. No hacks needed! Made of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton so that it is light & soft on your baby.

Dream Diapers are the Perfect Free Size Cloth Diapers for Nighttime. It contains one Organic Cotton Insert &  one Booster. The Insert has 10 cotton layers and 1 dry feel layer. The Booster has 8 layers for additional absorbency. The Outer Shell contains two cotton layers in the middle. Ultra Soft waterproof layer on the outside & Premium Dry Feel layer on top. This is to provide the perfect Nighttime solution. This combo lasts for 9-12 hours for most medium wetter babies. For babies below 6/7 kgs, booster is not needed. Add the booster only if the absorbency of the main insert is not sufficient.

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