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Aurora diapers

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Aurora Diapers - Reusable diapers for daytime

Looking for daytime Cloth Diapers? We have Aurora Diapers that are best suitable for your baby’s daytime needs. We have carefully curated these cloth diapers with perfect absorbency, features and performance. With this you can tackle your baby’s frequent changes during daytime. You can diaper under budget. And you don’t even need a wetness indicator to tell you when to change your baby’s diaper.

We have two types of Aurora Diapers. Aurora Cover Diapers and Aurora Pocket Diapers. You have a baby who is more than 6 months. And you need a diaper that can be reused without washing. Is that even possible? Yes. With Aurora Cover Diapers, you can reuse the outer cover alone with another pad. Do this only if your baby has not pooped into the cloth diaper. You need dry feel diaper liners for this Cloth Diaper type which you can buy here.

You have a baby who is more than 3 months. And you are looking for a cloth diaper that has smart features. Then You can go for Aurora Pocket Diapers. You get a versatile diaper that dries faster like a Cover Diaper and has dry feel too. If you are a beginner then this is the perfect cloth diaper for you.

We also have Value Packs at 15% off for more savings. You can watch video tutorials on how to use these Cloth diapers on YouTube. You will that these cloth diapers are easy to use, economical and cute as well. Get Support from our WhatsApp Chat Support Team on which diaper to choose. Or Take a product recommendation quiz on our site.