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Aurora Pocket Diapers

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Aurora Pocket Cloth Diapers - Every Beginner's Cloth Diaper

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Aurora Pocket Diapers are versatile daytime diapers. It fits babies from 5-17 Kgs. These pockets provide waterproofing and dry feel to the baby. The Dry feel layer on the inside is made of Microfleece. The Insert or prefold should be stuffed inside the pocket opening. The Pocket has a wide opening and you can stuff even the bulkiest combo inside. The Tuck easy broader pocket is easy to use as well.

The Cross snapping system provides a neat snug fit to avoid leaks. Pocket diapers dry faster like a cover and are comfortable like dream diapers. Aurora Pocket Diaper comes with a 100% Organic Cotton Insert that is GOTS Certified. It has 8 layers of Organic cotton. You should stuff the insert into the pocket as it does not have dry feel. Also Use stay-dry liner if you place the insert on top.

Absorbency and Usage:

Aurora Pocket diapers last for 2-3 hours for most medium wetter babies. Wash the diaper after it is fully soaked before reusing it. The Outer cover is compatible with all types of inserts. Unlike diapers with wide crotch width, Aurora Pockets are of perfect crotch width. This perfect crotch width prevents any leaks from the gaps near the thighs. You will find these trim and light on your baby as well.

Aurora Pocket diapers are perfect for daytime usage. Babies are active and pee a lot during the day. So You should change the diapers every 3-4 hours during the day. This way, your babies will stay free from rashes and infections. This right amount of absorbency will help you to change your baby’s diaper on time. Grab Extra Inserts for your outer pockets and save money.