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Free Size Diaper Cover - Cloth Cover Diaper for Babies

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Aurora Cover Diapers are economical daytime diapers. It fits babies from 5-17 Kgs. These diaper covers provide waterproofing over any non waterproof inserts, prefolds or flats. The Double leak guards at the tummy and hip provide extra leakproof protection. The Well sewn in bias provides a perfect leak free fit at the leg elastics. The Cross snapping system provides a neat snug fit to avoid leaks. The Outer Cover is also compatible with all types of Inserts.

Aurora Cover Diapers come with a 100% Organic Cotton prefold that is GOTS Certified. The Prefold is a 3 panel soaker that can be folded while using. It has 4X4X4 layers of Organic cotton with Stay-dry layer on one panel. You can either place the dry feel panel on top or cotton panel on top by folding accordingly. The Prefold lasts for 3-4 hours for most medium wetter babies. The Prefold dries faster comparatively than other insert types.

Aurora Cover Diapers are easy use diapers. Which means you can reuse the outer cover without washing. If baby has not pooped, remove the fully soaked prefold. Wipe or air dry the outer cover for a few minutes. Reuse the outer cover with another prefold. Do not reuse the outer cover without washing if baby has pooped. Use stay-dry liners along with the cover diaper for more comfort and convenience. You can buy extra Prefolds in pack of 2 for the cover diapers that are available separately.