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Cover Diapers

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Just Bumm Newborn Cover Diapers

Watch Video Tutorial on How to Use Newborn Cover Diapers

Newborn Cover Diapers are waterproof, reusable diapers and fits babies from 2.5 – 7 Kgs. It comes with 3x3x3 layers of Organic Cotton Prefold which is GOTS Certified. The Cover diapers are completely waterproof. It also provides leak protection with double leak guards at the hip and tummy. The Sewn in bias provides a neat fit near the crease line. Reuse the outer cover with another prefold if the baby has not pooped. Just wipe it off or air dry for few minutes.

Newborn Cover Diapers are Velcro type diapers. It has hook and loop closure at the tummy. The Hook and loop is baby soft and is not harsh on the baby’s skin or to a parent’s touch. You can adjust the diaper’s length with the rise snap settings provided. The Laundry tabs that are provided in the newborn diapers make washing easier. You should close the hook (Velcro) with the laundry tabs before washing. The Hook will not get damaged or attract lint while washing.

Newborn Cover Diapers come with an Organic Cotton Prefold. The Prefold is a three panel soaker. It has stay-dry layer on one panel. You can either keep the stay-dry panel or cotton panel on top while folding. Attach the prefold to the outer cover with the snap buttons. Use Stay-dry liner on top for easy cleaning of poop. Stay-dry liners prevent stains and also provides dry feel. Grab extra prefolds to use with the outer cover of the Newborn Diapers as it dries relatively faster.