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Just Bumm Newborn Diapers for Babies

Watch Video Tutorial on How to Use Newborn Diapers

Just Bumm Newborn Cloth Diapers can fit babies from 2.5 Kgs till 7 Kgs. You can use these diapers for your baby right from birth upto 6 months! These Newborn Cloth Diapers come with Hook and Loop Closure for easy use. The Baby soft Hook and Loop closure does not harm or hurt your baby’s skin. It has long durability and is anti roll back. For good maintenance, Close the Hook with the laundry tabs provided. Watch the tutorial Video to get better idea about the product.

Just Bumm Newborn Cloth Diapers are of two types – Cover Diapers and AI2/Shell Diapers. Each type has its own features and advantages. In general, Newborn Diapers can last for 5-6 hours for your baby. Each diaper contains 1 GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton Dry feel Prefold. The Prefold is a foldable soaker that dries faster during all seasons. Cover Diapers can be reused without washing and requires dry feel liners. Whereas Shell Diapers are smart Dry Feel diapers that is suitable for Nighttime as well.

Just Bumm Newborn Cloth Diapers are the most economical and affordable diapers in India. These Diapers contain all the features to ensure a good diapering experience. Newborn Diapers do not cause rashes or elastic Marks provided the fit is right. Easy to use, wash and wear, these diapers prove to be the best out there. Grab Tickled Pink Starter kit which is at 15% Off and Save your expenses.