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Diaper Free

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Fluffie - India's 1st and Only Free Size Nappy

Watch Video tutorial here – Just Bumm Fluffie

Is Diaper free time necessary for babies? Yes! If you want your baby to be free from diaper rashes and yeast infection then it is the best way to eliminate these. Diaper free time works like a magic based on the method you choose. You can either prefer to keep them naked in a quick dry sheet or put them in a soft, breathable Organic Cotton nappy. The Latter is always recommended to make it less messy and convenient. As to why Fluffie is the most sought after option for diaper free time instead of normal langots, here is the answer.

Fluffie is made of Organic Cotton with 6 layers. It has gentle elastics at the leg and at the back to contain mess. Velcro Closure makes it easy to wear and remove rather than struggling with tie-ups. The Best thing about Fluffie is that it is One-Size. It fits from 5-12 kgs and you can use it for babies as well as toddlers just by adjusting the size with snap buttons.

Why does it not have dry feel? Like it is mentioned earlier, Diaper free time is to give a break from diapering round the clock. It is to provide an off time for these little bums and keep them moisturized. Dry feel layer only worsens this by wicking away all these moisture so it is really not needed. Typically, Diaper free time can be given for 30 minutes to an hour. Anything more than that is up to your own preference.