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Which Newborn Cloth Diaper is best?

“Taking care of Newborn Babies is hard”, is one thing that we all agree to. Without a doubt, we also always go that extra mile in everything that deals with newborn babies. Diapering Newborns being the major concern, you will consider so many things before buying the best diapers for your babies. Your Newborn babies’ skin is new, delicate, soft and even the tiniest touch can be harmful. So would you choose a diaper that does more harm than help?

The Disposable diapers you see in ads, contain plastic. The Real plastic diapers are disposable diapers. It has harmful toxins that will get absorbed into your baby’s skin and cause irritation, rashes and infections. Also you are willingly causing more damage to your baby’s skin! This does not stop with the skin barrier. These toxins enter your baby’s blood stream and poses serious threat to your baby’s health! Make an informed and conscious decision and choose Cloth Diapers over disposable diapers.

Newborn Baby in Just Bumm Cloth Diaper

Now that you have your reasons to choose Cloth Diapers, you wonder how to start! As you are new to this whole thing and overwhelmed by information, you are obviously confused. Well done! That’s how we learn! We search for even more answers. Here are some things you need to consider in newborn baby diapers. Or Click here to skip to the difference between diaper covers and shell diapers.

  1. Are the diapers washable and reusable?
  2. What material is suitable for your newborn baby?
  3. Do you want dry feel and waterproof cloth diapers?
  4. What time are you looking to diaper?
  5. Is the diaper easy to use?
  6. How long will it last for your baby?

1. Are the diapers washable and reusable?

You now have the questions, search for answers that actually provides solutions to these. Not just any diaper that is simply available. You should go for a Cloth Diaper that has more shelf life and a purpose for your needs. Washable and reusable diapers would be your ideal choice. Why because, you simply can’t spend 14000 Rs for the first 6 months alone. Not to mention, Newborns go through an average of 8-10 diapers a day! Can you believe?

2. What material is suitable?

Without a second thought, we can say that it is Organic Cotton! Also, Organic Cotton has a very great absorbency. Unlike Microfiber that you see in every other cloth diaper out there, this is different. Your baby will get rashes and itchy skin with microfiber cloth diapers. As most of you know, even the popular ones are made of microfiber. Compression leak is also a major problem that you will face. It is barely absorbent! Whereas, with Organic Cotton Diapers, you will see 60% more absorbency, 90% less rashes and 80% more shelf life. Organic Cotton is proven to be the most suitable fabric for newborn babies.

3. Are these waterproof and stay dry?

You might want to have a peaceful sleep too. With Newborns already being fussy, neither a dry feel langot nor a regular cloth would do the trick. This will just amplify their fussiness and your laundry work! A Good Cloth Diaper needs to be waterproof as well as stay dry. Only then, you can get the most out of your baby’s diapers. Don’t just go for whatever you can get or just because a product is popular. See if it actually does the work.

4. What time are you looking to diaper?

The time you are looking to diaper and the features of the products can help a lot in buying the best newborn diaper for your baby. So start by asking yourself this question. If you are very new to cloth diapering, and you are already into disposable diapers, a slow transition is preferred. You can start to cloth diaper slowly, one time in a day. Be it nighttime or daytime. For daytime, choose a diaper that is economical, can be reused multiple times without washing. For nighttime, choose a diaper that is comfortable and absorbent.

5. Is the diaper easy to use?

Apart from all the features, a diaper must be easy to use for newborn babies. A tie up diaper is out of the option here. A button diaper is good for little older babies. What would be the best choice then? A taped diaper or a hook and loop closure diaper would do good. As wearing it is a much easier task. Sticky taped diapers are not suitable for washing so a Velcro diaper is a good option. Always get a baby soft hook and loop diaper as regular Velcro will hurt baby’s skin.

6. How long will it last?

Go for a more absorbent diaper. Just keep this in mind! A Microfiber diaper or nappy does not even last for an hour! Anything which claims otherwise is an obvious scam. Nothing is smart about it. You also need to understand that a bamboo diaper is not a natural diaper. With Bamboo cloth, it is just a polyester fabric derived from bamboo pulp. It is not antimicrobial or natural. It causes rashes as it wicks away moisture from skin, causing dryness and flaky skin. A Modal fabric is not as absorbent as Organic Cotton, neither it is natural. A 8-9 layer Organic Cotton Insert can last for 3-4 hours during daytime.

Newborn Diaper Covers Vs Shell Diapers

So we have all answers to the questions, let’s see if Just Bumm Newborn Diapers have these features. You can find two types of Newborn Diapers on our site. Newborn Cover Diapers and Newborn Shell Diapers. The Major difference between them both is the outer cover. You don’t get dry feel in the outer cover of Cover Diapers. It has only the Waterproof layer. Whereas the Shell Diaper contains waterproof layer on the outside and dry feel layer on the inside.

Newborn Cover Diapers

Newborn Diaper Covers are the most economical diapers you can take advantage of. During newborn stage, your babies tend to poop a lot. Hence frequent changes are needed. The perfect choice for you is Newborn Diaper covers. Look at the features below

  • Washable & Reusable – 300+ times.
  • Material – Made of 100% Organic Cotton.
  • Waterproof – Newborn Diaper Covers are waterproof.
  • Dry feel – The Outer Cover does not have dry feel. Hence you need dry feel liners to provide complete protection against wetness. The Pad has dry feel.
  • Absorbency – Lasts for 3-4 Hours during daytime.
  • Reuse without washing – You can reuse the outer cover with another prefold without washing. Do this only if baby has not pooped. Highly ideal for daytime diapering for newborn babies.

Newborn Shell Diapers

Newborn Shell Diapers are the most spiffiest cloth diapers ever! You get all the smart, disposable diaper like features in this reusable diapers. If you are looking for an easy to use, overnight cloth diaper, that has dry feel, comfort and soft feel, go for Newborn Shell Diapers!

  • Washable & Reusable – 300+ times.
  • Material – Made of 100% Organic Cotton.
  • Waterproof – These Newborn diapers are completely waterproof.
  • Dry feel – Newborn shell diapers are completely stay dry. It has dry feel layer in the outer cover of the diaper too.
  • Absorbency – Lasts for 5-6 hours at night without booster.
  • Reuse after wash – As the outer cover contains 2 organic cotton layers between waterproof layer and dry feel layer, it absorbs & retains pee. Hence you cannot reuse without washing. Ideal for nighttime diapering.

Read Reviews to see what parents have experienced about our Newborn Cloth Diapers. You will know why Just Bumm Diapers are the best Newborn Cloth Diapers out there!

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