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How to Size and Wear Cloth Diapers – Just Bumm

In this Blogpost, you will be reading about how to Size and Wear Cloth Diapers Step by step. Go ahead and watch the Video tutorial for better understanding. The Video contains demo of Sizing the diapers according to each weight category and wearing the diaper on the baby. Turn on Captions for on screen instructions.

How to Size Cloth Diapers?

Free Size Cloth Diapers contain rise snap buttons to adjust the length of the diapers. The Rise snap settings has 4 rows of buttons with which you can adjust the size according to the baby’s weight. Each row of snap buttons is assigned for their own weight category. Take a look at the size chart below to know which category your baby falls under. You can adjust the rise snap according to that category for a snug fit. Only then you won’t face leaks with the diapers.

How to Size Free Size Diapers

Rise snap settings:

The Diaper Size is divided into 4 weight categories.

Low Rise setting: Snap the lowest row of buttons to the top most ones for babies weighing 5 kilograms to 8 Kilograms.

Medium Rise Setting: Snap the second from lowest row of buttons to the top most row. Follow this if your baby weighs between 8 kilograms to 11 kilograms.

High Rise setting: For babies weighing 11 kilograms to 14 kilograms, snap the second from top row of buttons to the top most row.

No Rise setting: If your baby weighs between 14 Kilograms to 17 kilograms, you need not have rise settings. That is you need not snap any buttons and leave it as such.

Side Snap Settings:

The Rise snap setting is to adjust the length of the diaper. Where as Side snap setting is to adjust the hip size of the diaper according to your baby’s. The Flap (wings) of the diaper has 5 columns and 2 rows of buttons. You can snap the tummy panel on to the suitable buttons in the wings. You need to make sure that there are two fingers size gap at the tummy. So that the diaper is not too tight for your baby.

How to Cross Snap Cloth Diapers

Cross Snap Settings:

Now that you have known what the rise and side snap settings are, take a look at the cross snap setting too. Just Bumm Cloth Diapers are the only Cross Snapping diapers in India. Cross Snapping allows an even more perfect snug fit. You can use cross snap if your baby has big waist and small thighs or small waist and big thighs. For Big waist and small thighs, snap the hip buttons a bit loose than the thighs. For Big thighs and small waist, snap the hip buttons tighter than the thigh button. This will provide a neat, leak free snug fit for your baby. See that the two finger tummy gap remains the same.

How to Wear Cloth Diapers:

Most ideas on internet and blogs say or describe wearing Cloth Diapers as such a chore. But it definitely is easy as a piece of cake. You only need to know what is needed. There are no scientific mechanisms involved. And you absolutely don’t need to be a pilot. You need to keep in mind only these 12 steps.

12 Easy steps to wear Just Bumm Cloth Diapers.
  • Step 1: Presize the Cloth diapers and attach the pads to the outer cover. Place the liner on top if needed before wearing the diaper. Place the Cloth diaper below the baby or keep the baby above the diaper.
  • Step 2: As shown in the image, fold the excess of the Insert outwards while against the baby’s tummy. Pull the wing flap over the folded insert.
  • Step 3: Pull the tummy panel and secure the thigh buttons.
  • Step 4 and 5: And then the hip buttons.
  • Make sure you pull the tummy panel well. Not with too much force. Pull enough so that you can secure the buttons with ease.
  • Step 6 and 7: Repeat the same on the other side as you did before. Pull the wings and secure the buttons.
  • Now, wearing the cloth diaper does not end with just this. You have to adjust few things to avoid leaks. The fit is not perfect yet.
  • Step 8: As seen in the picture, put your finger through the leg elastics and run through. Push the elastics on to the leg crease line simultaneously. This should remove any folds.
  • Step 9: Put your fingers in the space between the rise setting and tuck the fabric upwards. To Prevent the Cloth diaper from drooping, do this step. This also gives a nice look and snug fit.


The last 3 steps – 10,11 and 12 shows that there should be no gaps near the thighs and leg elastics. And there should be only 2 fingers gap at the tummy. The Last step shows how the cloth diaper eventually looks or how the Cloth diaper should look. Only then, leaks wont occur even if baby sleeps on their side or tummy. This tutorial is applicable for all Just Bumm Free Size Diapers – Aurora Cover Diapers, Aurora Pocket Diapers and Dream Diapers. Please note that you should not wear anything inside before wearing cloth diapers. It is only for privacy protection of the baby.

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