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Just Cloth Diapering Things

Cloth Diapering is simple and easy to do. Cloth Diapers are not your typical granny’s nappies. But they got the goodness of natural fibers and more convenient than disposables because cloth diapers are one-size. Advanced Cloth Diapers are made of cloth, mostly natural fibres like Cotton, Wool and Hemp with a water-proof outer layer PUL and a Stay-dry inner lining to keep your baby’s little bumm dry all night. That is they are soft, easy to use and reusable!

How Cloth Diapers are better than disposables?

Chemicals! They say, soft cotton feel this, advanced gel technology that, and blah blah. Well, for the most part they are completely made of chemicals and these chemicals cause rashes and other hygiene related complications. They are easy to use and dispose of. But you wouldn’t want your baby to go wah wah all the time right? And think about the cost. You spend quite a lot of money from birth till your babies get potty trained to buy different sizes all through their growth. Where does all this money go? They end up as wastes. Stubborn wastes! Yikes. They take 250 – 500 years to break down. Do you know why Cloth diapers are better than disposables? No chemicals! No chemicals means no rashes. Reusable. Wash and reuse them for 250+ times. They are more sustainable than you think. They only take about 5 months to break down. One can be able to compost cloth diapers if they are made of natural fibres, older and used longer. They are not at all expensive. You only need about 15 – 20 cloth diapers from birth till your babies are 3 years old. Easy? IKR! There are many types of cloth diapers and you can choose them based on what suits your babies best.

Stay tuned for our next blog post “A Beginner’s Guide to Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diapering

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